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The Mike Arnold Agency consistently educates and advocates for our clients, while continually reinforcing our commitment to build relationships based on trust.


Meet Mike Arnold

You are guaranteed to get the professionalism that you deserve. Mike began in 1999 has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and has owned the Agency since 2003.


Originally from Hampton, VA, Mike and his wife call Lake Monticello home and are the proud parents of five adult children and six grandchildren.


His passion for helping those in need extends outside the office by volunteering with numerous organizations and by being active in his community. Mike may have retired from officiating High School Sports in Central VA, but still enjoys staying connected by running the clock during athletic games at Fluvanna County High School and supporting the local community.

Among his many hobbies, one closest to his heart is fishing in the Chesapeake Bay and when the weather is perfect, the Atlantic as well. Mike and his wife have recently purchased a small farm which has become a new passion and fits his boots on the ground and hands on mentality.


From his service in the Marine Corps, to being a proud member of the American Legion and an active member of multiple chambers of commerce, Mike Arnold proud to be able to serve you and your families. 

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