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Mike Arnold Agency Podcast with Sharon Argo of Makena Capital Management LLC

The Mike Arnold Agency recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Sharon Argo of Makena Capital Management LLC. Enjoy this episode as we interview Sharon and learn more about her life and creative side.

"I wear an artist coat of many mediums. If it sits still, I’ll paint it, draw on it or photograph it! One day I’ll work with acrylics on a large canvas. Another day I’ll use my tablet to create digital artwork. The next day I might pull out my magnifying light and draw tiny designs on glass or create one-of-a-kind pen & ink art. Other days I’ll pick up my camera and not stop clicking for weeks! What I love more than anything is creating custom work. I love thinking outside the box so if my art inspires you, let me know and we’ll come up with YOUR original.

When you visit my site, you will be able to link to my Etsy page and my Redbubble merchandise site. Although, with my schedule, the majority of my work is done off the sites and posting pictures of work is on my list of things to improve upon in 2022!" - Sharon Argo

Sharon Argo 434-825-5683 Email: Etsy: Redbubble: Payment Options: Cash or Check Paypal: SharonCArgo / Venmo: @Sharon-Argo / Cash App: $Argo2746

For all of your insurance needs, you can contact the Mike Arnold Agency at (434)295-2692 or


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